Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Corn husk wedding decorations!

We just celebrated another amazing wedding but this time all the accents were created by Chortis women in La Pintada, Copan Ruinas!


  1. What a gorgeous use for the La Pintada flowers! I've used them for Christmas decorations and sent them back to the U.S. for that purpose, but Hacienda San Lucas really did a gorgeous job with these simple, elegant crafts from just down the road. (I was searching the web for pictures of La Pintada and was happy to find this!)

    P.S. Can you link to

  2. Beautiful decoration, looks quite different from a regular one. I have seen a lot of New York Event Venues decorated with these flowers this year, seems like these are a lot in trend now days. No doubt they look elegant and give a bland place some colors.